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  • German Leather Museum
    The German Leather Museum is the worldwide only museum that presents the manufacture, ornamentation and utilization of the material leather. It was founded in the year 1917 by Hugo Eberhardt in the leather-city Offenbach am Main, originally as a collection of historic samples for the training of young craftsmen, designers and leather goods producers.

  • Weatherpark
    A “weather city” and home to the German Meteorological Service’s headquarters, Offenbach has a unique 20,000m2 weather park which entices people to take a trip into the nearby countryside by explaining weather phenomena and their scientific backgrounds clearly and simply to visitors in the form of an educational entertainment park.

  • Capitol
    Once a Jewish synagogue, today's event location CAPITOL has experienced a lot more in its history than just a series of great events. Since it was built around 1916, world stars such as Luciano Pavarotti, Chris Rea and Katie Melua have given of their best here.

  • Klingspor Museum
    Book and type in art and design are the subject of the Klingspor Museum Offenbach. Its collection and exhibitions show the richly facetted spectrum arising from the interaction of text and image.

  • Wilhelmsplace and weekly market
    Experience the lively market on the historical Wilhelmsplatz in Offenbach. Enjoy international delights in one of the many restaurants and relax with an evening glass of wine.

  • Büsingpalais and Büsingpark
    The Büsingpark invites you to linger on one of the many park benches with lush greenery and cultivated flowerbeds. Old memorabilias meets new elemets there and the immediate proximity to the stately Büsing-Palais makes you feel like in another time.

  • Fun Forest - climbing park Offenbach
    Experience the perfect adventue excursion and climb in lofty heights. From the numerous beginner parcous over the giant slide up to the professional parcours - here everyone finds his challenge with the highest security
  • Römer
    For more than 6 centuries, Frankfurt’s destiny has been directed from the patrician houses on the Römerberg. Like most of her predecessors, the municipal leader lives above the Schwanenhalle, with a view of St. Paul’s Church. The Römer is where the city councillors meet. 

  • Rebuilding Frankfurt's old centre: the Cathedral and Römer Square
    The Dom Römer Quarter is being developed in the heart of Frankfurt and will bring new life to the city's historic centre. Historical alleyways, romantic squares, picturesque courtyards and grand patricians' houses: Until its destruction in the Second World War; the structure of the old city of Frankfurt had grown organically over centuries. The hustle and bustle in the pubs,shopsand craftmen's workshops had always attracted a lot of visitors to the area between the Cathedral, or "Dom" as it is called in German, and the Römer, the main square in the centre of Frankfurt. With the completion of the Dom Römer Quarter in september 2018, this very special atmosphere will be returning to the heart of Frankfurt.

  • Goethe House

    This is where Johann Wolfgang Goethe was born on the 28th of August 1749 "at midday, as the clock was striking twelve", and where he grew up with his sister Cornelia. Let us take you on a tour – floor by floor – of Goethe's family home.

  • Emperor's Cathedral St. Bartholomew
    Not even tourists and those new to Frankfurt can fail to miss the starting point of our historic stroll through the city: With its 95 m high tower rising over Frankfurt city centre, the Cathedral (Dom) can be seen from afar. Check out the scenic views of the Frankfurt skyline from the 66-metre-tall observation platform of the cathedral tower.

  • Palm tree garden
    Discover and experience a bit of nature from other countries in the palm tree garden Frankfurt. In addition to a variety of palm trees from giant perennials for example bananas, but also tree ferns and especially numerous petals from tropical and subtropical countries shape the picture.

  • Museumsufer Frankfurt
    The Frankfurt Museumsufer is one of the most important locations for museums in Germany and Europe. On both sides of the Main, 15 exhibition houses line up like a string of pearls, for example the Städel Museum. A special highlight is the Museumsuferfest, which takes place every year in August.

  • Zoo Frankfurt
    Frankfurt Zoo is a green oasis in the middle of the thriving Main metropolis and home to more than 4,500 animals (in about 450 different species!). Here you will find proud African animals next to feisty seals and majestic tigers, right around the corner from cheeky otters. 

  • Old Opera Frankfurt
    Unique backdrop, eventful history and central location: Not only concert visitors, but also organizers of balls and banquets know the very special ambience of the house resulting from the rension between tradition and modernity. 

  • Frankfurt's highest vantage point - the Main Tower
    As the only skyscraper in frankfurt, it invites to a viewing platform located 200 meters above the ground, to discover the city from above with its unique skyline. A highlight for every Frankfurt explorer!

  • St. Paul's Church
    Consecrated in 1833, in 1848 the church bacame the seat of the first German National Assembly, on whose designs the critical constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany is based. Presently you will find award ceremonies and political and cultural events here.

  • Ebbelwei-Express
    There are many ways to explore and discover Frankfurt - the ride by Ebbelwei Express is certainly one of the most quaint. In addition to great views of Frankfurts sights, the train also offers Frankfurt specialties in a friendly atmosphere.

  • Old Sachsenhausen
    Staggered into old times, Frankfurt guests feel in the narrow streets and small squares with cobblestones, halftimbered houses and fountains. On long benches at wooden tables you can drink your "Stöffche" from the "Gerippten", that means cider in ripped apple wine glasses. There are also Frankfurt specialties such as Beef with green Sauce, Handkäs or a pretzel "über die Gass".

  • Main shipping
    If you want to take a special look at Frankfurt's skyline and the surrounding area, you can take one of the sightseeing boats on the river Main. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere on the boat including the best view of Germany's most impressive skyline.

  • European Central Bank
    Why is it important that prices remain stable? How do we ensure that banks manage risks in a prudent way? What have been Europe’s main achievements? Find out the answers to these questions and much more at the visitor centre of the ECB.

  • Taunustherme 
    For optimal physical recovery and mental relaxation, an inspiring, graceful environment is needed. The natural atmosphere of the Taunus Therme is an alternative to the hustle and bustle of everyday life

  • Main Bike Way
    The Main Bike Way offers relaxed fun from the river head of the res and white Main to its river mouth in the Rhine. The constantly changing landscapes, the diverse art and culture discoveries along the way and the gentle route make the nearly 600-kilometer-long route to the  enjoyment bike way par Excellence.

  • Eltville at the Rhine
    It is no accident that Eltville has been valued for centruies as a sparkling wine and wine town. The Erbacher Marcobrunn is one of the most famous and expensive white wine locations, the sect of Vaux Castle and MM are popular worldwide and the hospitality and cordiality of the Eltville winemakers attracts many guests evers year on the Rhine.

  • Rhein - Main - Therme
    Fast moving slides, wild water circles, or fizzy fountains. Whether old or young, whether in the spa wolrd or in the spacious outdoor pool - water lovers will recover best with a lot of fun. Convince yourself and you will have an unforgettable day in the Rhein - Main- Therme.

  • Roman castell Saalburg
    SALVE - Welcome! this greeting may have been heard 2000 years ago when Roman soldiers arrived at the Saalburg after a long march with their heavy packs. Today, the main gate - the Porta Praetoria - swings open for all guests who travel back in time in the footsteps of the Romans.

  • Castle of Friedberg
    The Castle Friedberg is considered one of the biggest castle complexes in Germany. The "Adolfstower" which is 58 m high, was built in 1347 and can be seen from far away. It is also the landmark of Friedberg. From two tower galleries visitors have a stunning view over the Taunus, the Vogelsberg and Frankfurt.

  • Outlawed on the Spessart Trail
    Need to lay low for a while? Shake off civilization and live the bandit life for a weekend. Right in the heart of Germany, at the edge of the metropolitan Rhine-Main region, you’ll find a spot of natural beauty - the Spessart. In the 19th century, the wooded mountains used to be the number one hideout for robbers and outlaws fleeing the long arm of the law. Today, two perfectly prepared high-quality hiking trails let you safely cross the dark forests of the Spessart in three-day-stretches, providing a perfect micro-adventure for all nearby city dwellers. The tours begin and end at train stations, making it easy for you to start from and get back to the big cities of the region.
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